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Fear (The Copper Horse #1) by K.A. Merikan

Fear - K.A. Merikan


Yes, yes…YES! Pony Play. Real pony play, not alluded to or teased about or bait and switch. All the goodies guaranteed. This isn't one of those fizzle and duds, but a live firecracker--Pop…Pop…POP!

Set in an alternate universe where the plague has given way to the rise of zombies and the fall of civilization. Safety keeps people behind the walls of London for only the brave or the stupid wander beyond. Or those looking to make a good profit. 

Reuben has been looking for something better. He wants things and he either can't have them or can't find them. He puts himself in some dangerous situations, but then the bottom rung pretty much assures that anything or anyplace else would be a step up and taking a chance, he gambles.

And loses. 

He never had many choices, but now even those few are gone. Suddenly, finding himself in world he couldn't even imagine Reuben starts on the journey to become Copper. There are perks and struggles he faces as he learns to be Master Erik's show stallion--to accept his role, his place and his desires. 

While the setting and some of the scenes are gruesome, the story itself has a sweetness to it. Copper is a prized stallion and therefore treated as such, but he is expected to be an obedient one. So while this is a story that becomes more loving as it goes on and Copper and Erik bond; it is not a gentle one. Erik is firm, but never unduly cruel. In fact, there are several instances where you realize how gentle of heart Erik truly is. 

To be honest, it's pretty darn hot. There's a couple scenes that definitely turned my crank and Reuben's from the way Erik played him. Erik's a hedonist and he takes his pleasures, but he gives them, too. HAWT. You know, like take a personal break or maul your significant other HAWT. That's the only willing reason to stop reading.

This story ends at point where Copper has cleared a hurdle and is ready to progress to the next stage, one that's been hinted at. So the HFN is great, but I really want the sequel, now. Trust me there's some pretty tempting things waved in front of us. 

There are some kinky elements, but they are moderate. No extremes. This is more forced submission with dub con moments than non con. There is also pony play, mild humiliation, fisting, and caning. 

Favorite quote:

"There's no shame in pleasure. We need to use every bit of time we've got, Copper."

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