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The Boy Who Belonged by Lisa Henry and JA Rock

The Boy Who Belonged - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

Go, Lane!

Nice addition to the story of Lane and Derek. Love how Derek continues to draw him out of his shell. Really liked how both men faced their issues head on--Lane kicked ass and Derek finally figured it all out. What a wonderful place to find them both. 

Entertaining read besides the drama and scorching hot play Derek and Lane are up to, there's the antics of Andy and Mister Zimmerman as well as Brin! Brin kinda takes backseat to Andy and Z, who are just funny. Great sense of humor weaves through the story to keep heavy issues from dragging one down.

Shit was getting a little too domestic if they were going to try carrying on a conversation about pet-sitting while they were fucking.

This isn't a wild monkey sex, swinging from the chandelier kinda book. Sure, there's some kinky play: pup, breath and sounding; but Henry and Rock quietly rip the emotions out of the scenes while this is all happening. It's that sort of intense. 

With Lane, it couldn’t always be about taking the pain away. Sometimes it was just about being there with him when he felt it. Watching him hurt and survive, and loving him for it

Or maybe I no longer pay attention to all the window dressing, because at the end of it all--it's about emotion, trust and love. So, I really liked the dynamics between Derek and Lane.