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Disasterology by Taylor Donovan

Disasterology 101 - Taylor Donovan

Didn't expect to enjoy this as much as did. 

This could have been a disaster to read. So many things could have set me off, but it didn't happen. Donovan didn't shy away from illustrating the serious repercussions of Cedric's condition or his medication. Watching both characters deal with the effects were inspiring/terrifying/cringe-worthy wanted to curl in a ball/exhilarating. Meds screw with the body and expecting it to perform when your tilting hormones sideways is unrealistic, but seriously, the 'grab the bull by horns' approach to the situation here was brave and honest. 

The initial meeting between Cedric and Kevin was hot and nasty and boy was I surprised by where it went after that. How Kevin handled Cedric and accommodated his needs because he wanted to be with him was patient and beautiful. How Cedric constantly challenged himself to be more to be with Kevin. How they both incorporated their lives and came to decide what was important. Most of all, the realization that life isn't an end goal. it's a series of steps and there is no perfect to shoot for, but there is perfectly happy and blessed now.

~~Side note: The first prescription doesn't always meet the needs of an individual. Finding the right meds and dosages takes time and depending on the severity and number of meds in play can take years to get right. Please keep that in mind and talk to your physician if something seems wrong.~~