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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Secrets by Adrienne Wilder

Darwin's Theory: SECRETS - Adrienne Wilder

Holy Shitakes!

Yes…yes, YES! OMG. That was a roller coaster ride and it's only going to get more wild. Things are changing. Some major movement in D and Peter's wold. Everything that was is gone and a new, dangerous future lies ahead. Needless to say, like an addict I'm itching to start the next installment. Attempting restraint, but the curiosity about the Shift is killing me. 

Oh…and the action between these two is thermonuclear hot. There is some crazy closet action and wickedly postured pounding for a voyeur that scorches. Mine, mine…MINE! Back, back…BACK!

Favorite quote:

"Next to my ear he breathed, “I said, unzip your pants because if I do it, I’ll just rip them off.”