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It's The Elfin Apocalypse! The Klaus Brothers Series ON SALE FOR 99 CENTS!



The Christmas season is upon us! Time for a special holiday treat!


I recently got the rights back for The Klaus Brothers Series from my publisher, and so I re-released SWEET MAGIK (Book #2) with a brand-new cover, compliments of Penny Reid. I LOVE IT!


I don't have any new holiday stories this year, so I thought it would be nice to offer the first two books on sale...


SWEET INSPIRATION (The Klaus Brothers Series #1) 


SWEET MAGIK (The Klaus Brothers Series #2) are 

 99 cents at these locations...




Sweet Inspiration (Book #1)... Read more about this book here!


Amazon -- 99 cents

Barnes and Noble -- 99 cents

Kobo -- 99 cents


Sweet Magik (Book #2)... Read more about this book here!


Amazon -- 99 cents

Barnes and Noble -- 99 cents

Kobo -- 99 cents 



I've seen warnings on some erotica, so I thought I would add one here for my series. Ready?


THE KLAUS BROTHERS SERIES contains scenes with elves, x-treme Christmas spirit, Santa Claus, the North Pole, sex-in-a-sleigh, magic, old-fashioned romance, and very sweet scenarios. It requires a willing suspension of disbelief, a love of beards, and is enhanced by the addition of a gingerbread latte.


Good luck!


I've made up a couple of fun Etsy treasury collections to celebrate!








I decided the rest of the series will be novellas. Coming up next...Sweet Adventure (#3) is Sven's story. I added a new one just for Gregor and his true love called Sweet Cinderella (#4). And the final novella is Sweet Destiny (#5), which is Wolfgang's story.


I'm hoping to get SWEET ADVENTURE out for next xmas, 2014.


Please spread the word about this awesome sale. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Love yinz,


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