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Heartsong - S.W. Vaughn

Pain, intrigue, and betrayal
These are a few of my favorite things

*skips through blood puddles singing*

Resolute in the face of unbearable pain….All that is sweet and holy, Uriskel is a beautiful, beautiful thing. To say that I am beguiled by this tortured creature is an understatement. He possesses all that covet: honor, prowness, and cunning.


The bliss he'd held for a moment was a bitter candle in the long darkness ahead.

Okay, now that I've nattered on about my obsession--back to the story itself. Me likey. Book Two in the Fae series amps up the intrigue and plays some big cards. The reveal totally changes the landscape and subsequently the players' positions--very nice. Makes me want Book Three, Unforgiven even more. 

There is a love story with the overlooked Trystan, much like Uriskel, he is underestimated and considered a throwaway, too. How truth can bleed out and be seen from untainted eyes is a key point. Preconceptions are dangerous. We often use them as a shortcut, but that's what they do--cut things short. Never whole, always missing. 

We meet back up with Will and Cobalt from Book One, Skin Deep as Uriskel and Braelan play in the mortal realm. But the troubles born from there to here must go back again, to the source, the fountainhead. 

Note: This book contains graphic violence done for amusement purposes.