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Skin Deep

Skin Deep - S.W. Vaughn

Infamous tattoo artist meets famed radio talk show host.

The story has an intensity driven by violence and a sense of impending doom for both protagonists. This is especially so due to the cruelty both are subjected to and done onto secondary characters. 

Will is a gentle soul who seems to keep finding bad nuts to get involved with. His predisposition to find a partner who will dominate manifests into relationships with individuals who abuse—he hasn’t quite gotten it right. And the scenes with Lyle are graphic and rather difficult to read because not only is Will unequivocally abused, but his confusion as to what is happening and what he wants is heartbreaking.


His love life was one long fucking train wreck, and the tracks never ended.

Cobalt is in exile. Having been banished from the Fae realm he works and plays in the mortal one. His precious relationships have all ended horribly and he is no longer interested in committing. Tempted by Will he takes an irrevocable step. And finally...


"I wanted it just as much—and the sounds you make are thanks enough."

This is the beginning of a series and the secondary characters are extremely interesting. While the conflict surrounding Will and Cobalt is resolved there are series’ arc conflicts that are set up as well as some interesting stories to explore. I enjoyed the world building and the characters. This story might be a heavy on violence for some, but the interactions between the protagonists are loving.