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Gold Digger by Aleksandr Voinov

Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov

Yum. Smart, sexy love story that made me laugh.

Nikolai is the Texas Ranger in this modern tale of rare metal mining cowboys. Cybele, a brash startup in the high stakes game of gold mining makes an overture for funding to expand operations to extract a major, untapped source. I like the Wild West references to the ex-Communist states and a big thank you for the incredibly sassy mythological references in this one. Not happy about the poor Attis boys of yore--definitely, want them intact. I think Henri would agree.

If Nikolai is the Ranger, then Henri is the slick robber baron heir. Henri's persona is reminiscent of Lord Blakeley of the Scarlet Pimpernel--easily dismissed as a dilettante, but hiding key skills from the ignorant and unworthy. That said, I want to drive his car.

Their meeting, an unexpected catalyst. Simply undeniably erotic, these two took several pages from my personal "Best of" reel.


“Let me . . . see,” Nikolai said, breathless.

If that seems hot, then round two will just melt your ereader.

The story stands on its own, but another treat for "Special Forces" fans is a guest appearance by Vadim. The family context adds a lot to both this story and to Vadim's background. Still sexy, but mellowed by age and love. It is fun seeing him through Nikolai's eyes.


Nikolai paused while the waiter brought the coffee and water and then vanished back behind the bar to linger adoringly where Vadim sat, at the far end, back to the wall, seemingly playing with his smartphone—or really plotting who to kill first in this room with nothing more than a cocktail umbrella.

Now, I'd love to see more of this story not just because Nikolai and Henri are beautiful, but I'd enjoy finding out more about Ruslan, Nikolai's friend and boss. At first, I wanted to compare him to Reardon from "Atlas Shrugged", but honestly, he's Galt.

Favorite quote for personal reasons:


You’d be quite sane and well-adjusted if your family had happened to somebody else, his last ex had told him.