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Steam & Spurs - Johnny Stone An interesting melange of sci-fi and western as the two protagonists collide. The self-deprecating and ironic tone of the first person by our hero, Johnny Stone was supremely satisfying. What originally set me on edge was the almost cartoonish quality to his characterization, more an iconic representation than a real man--yet, the persistence of and steady nature won over my hesitation to like him. The story itself was entertaining, but it was merely a vehicle to watch Stone. I did not care for the POV shift to second person, but I had one serious misgiving about the plot which made me look up and say, WTF! Yes, I know I'm reading sci-fi fantasy, but the laws of space are finite and when they step out onto the deck of the spaceship like an earth sailing ship I fell right out of the story. This was an absolute no-go for me.Some kinky amusing fun to be had reading it and I'd be interested in seeing a follow up.