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Traded (Traded #1) - JennaMarie I enjoy a good sociopath and Petrov fits the bill quite well. He is perfect for the rules he follows, of course his rules don't always agree with the laws.Michael/Mischa is sweet and craves affection, validation and belonging. He is a perfect, beautiful vase for Petrov to fill and bind to him. They are brought together by some rather heinous machinations and what ensues is quite sweet for its ignominious beginnings. I liked all that. The plot turns not so much. I disagree with Michael's reaction to a couple things and his behavior and this bugged me. The quickest way to lose my favor in a book is my perception of character inconsistency. Things just didn't add up. Petrov was steady as a rock and lest we forget the two sides of his personality I've chosen a quote to remind me.Favorite quote:“I want you to also keep a close eye on the boy,” he said folding the belt in half. “Keep his wounds clean.”FREE online read, there are typos, etc: http://archiveofourown.org/works/735211/chapters/1367137