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Cultural Hospitality

Cultural Hospitality - Laylah Hunter Go ahead...bite me.Finding a connection among the stars on a space station seems like it should be pretty simple with all the comings and goings, but for Karam hooking up is anything but simple. Being part of a governmental team in charge of interspecies relations onboard doesn't allow for certain liberties as one's conduct is always being judged. Karam is diligent, competent and professional--an ideal worker. He likes his team, is grateful for his job and takes pride in effectively executing projects. All that is good, but he's lonely and his medical condition means he has forgone certain activities. At least at the masquerade he can pretend for awhile and enjoy himself after his duties are complete. This is the kind of short that makes me want more. Seriously, I need the whole story of Karam and Eel not the frickin' Cliffnotes! Eel's sensuality is tantalizing, but combined with Karam's innate good nature is like eating s'mores--gooey, sweet and better with licking. The sensorial nature of the writing was decadent and being the hedonist I am I reveled in every single word. Plus I like the how the science fiction was woven in, enough to create an alternate reality, but not overly intrusive or requiring a glossary. Off to hunt down the author to pestered them for more.I recommend this for the reader who wants hot and sweet. Favorite quote:"It's not just that you're too delicious to be legal." ~~A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews