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The Saturnalia Effect - Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane A young man coerced to choose between two evils.Troy, an innocent man imprisoned for his misplaced loyalty is ill-suited to surviving the harsh realities of prison. One of these realities leads him to Daniel, a man with a history and a reputation. Like all prisoner love stories the themes of non consensual/ dubious consent and gay-for-you are present. Here the darker themes are flirted with but not engaged. The level of D/s was lower than I was expecting and surprisingly bordered on the sweet side. I would have preferred more psychological intensity between Troy and Daniel, but throughly enjoyed the physical. On the negative side, I feel like the story was missing a couple of scenes that would have made for a more coherent read and better comprehension of characters' motives. Additionally, for readers not familiar with Saturnalia and pagan rituals around the Winter Solstice the twist in the plot at the end is going to seem like deus ex machina. I think that if there had been more background that it would be less of an issue and more understandable.Overall, it is an enjoyable, quick read. I recommend it for readers who like a sweeter tale of incarceration with a dollop of hot loving. Favorite quote:"I know what you want from me, and I got to tell you, that was the worst way you could've done it."~~A copy was provided to me for A No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews