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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Hers to Command (Verdantia, #1) - Patricia A. Knight War, intrigue, and ménage in a fantasy/sci-fi setting.Doral, hands down is my favorite. A tortured assassin who is the consummate killing machine, yes, I'll take me a helping of that. It is a pleasure to watch his skill in action.Ari, is the confident alpha male who doesn't yield--until he does, and boy is that sexy.Fleur, is the sweet innocent princess whose duty to her country and head for diplomacy is admirable. Plus she has claws and a vicious streak when provoked. For a story with such a serious premise, a world under attack and barely hanging on, there is a great deal of humor infused, which displaces some of the tension. This planet, Verdantia has been facing genocide and each of the characters bears scars from the war. There are points where it is dark and this helps it from dwelling there and proceeding so that it reads as more of a heroic story than a tragedy. The villains are good, no gender bias there with enough evil lurking in the games for planetary control it is good to see the load spread. There are things about the language and names used that are going to cue thoughts or associations that for the most helped coalesce the characters and setting rather than distracting. Like all science fiction, you have to accept the rules of the world set out. If you accept, then the read is flawless. My one issue: electromagnetism and the form of warfare.Favorite quote:“My Lady, our first time together will be in my rooms, in my bed, on my terms. "