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The Company Man (Red Dragon #1) - Becky Black Finding complications and love where you least expect it.Solid suspense plot. Unnerving because its written like, "Don't worry...nothing going on here", which precisely makes me worry. This is not a fast-paced thriller, but a more realistic portrayal of life aboard a ship--dull, very predicatable moments broken by sporadic incidents. Now that might not be fun or sexy enough for some readers, but if you enjoy a stable pace this is quite enjoyable. Plus, these down moments are where the relationship between Jarvez and Alyn develops.Excellent characters. Each one makes sense for their job and existence on a spaceship of this sort, even the "villains" are well-done, not cheap caricatures. I especially appreciated that as it is always so easy to let them slide. Okay, maybe there's a few digs about the French, but be honest--they make it so easy.Jarvez and Alyn are hot together from the very start and while the fires are temporarily banked drawing out the torment when they flare again, it is supernova hot. No kinky bedplay, just sexy loving from two strong-willed men. This ends well and there's enough development for subsequent stories about Jarvez, Alyn and the crew of The Red Dragon, which I'm definitely interested in reading. Recommended for fans of sci-fi crews and "steady as she goes" readers.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews