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Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning Book Two in the Sinners series, Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning does the seemingly impossible...makes Sed a loveable hero. After the first book, Backstage Pass, where Sed was an unmitigated ass the revelation of the truth behind his actions is actually quite touching and surprisingly sweet for such a jerk. I like messy heroes who are imperfect, but demonstrate integrity, loyalty and strength. Seriously, Mr. Perfect always seems like a time bomb waiting to go off. Give me the guy who's gone through the trenches, has scars, and knows the value of the three aforementioned qualities and I'll give him my heart. I'm not a doll that needs to be protected and that can't accept that my male counterpart is allowed just as many transgressions.Again, the humor is outstanding and the other band members are given glimpses making me interested in reading their stories. Jace is wicked mysterious at this point and Trey, oh damn, that boy's story is going to be a scorcher from the hints already dropped. Eric is such an adorable goof that I'll undoubtedly sigh sweetly through his recount. Anyway, looking forward to Book 3.