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Rite of First Claim (Diablo Blanco Club, #3) - Qwillia Rain Favorite quote:Mike shook his head and closed his eyes. “No, Lys. Let me give you what you want, and maybe one day, I'll get what I need.” [3163]This book left me with many moments of wanting to smack Lyssa upside the head. It's one thing to be insecure, it's another to be cruel. Her comments, though she's oblivious, are like acid. I have a hard time believing that two people who were acquainted with each other for as long as they were that she would be so ignorant to his true nature. Sure, we all lie to ourselves and see what we want to see, but her level of denial makes her appear stupid--not naive.This is one of those situation that I have a difficult time with the heroine. Mike is gentle, considerate, and generous--there's nothing to be afraid of and yet, Lyssa is running from him. Her crippling insecurity is off-putting. Even more confusing is that it doesn't manifest itself in any other way. The story itself is fine though the tacked on suspense plotline, while critical to the characters story is not as seamless as I would have liked.