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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
The Bloodgate Warrior - Joely Sue Burkhart 4.5 starsOkay...I liked this so much I read it a couple of times already. It has everything I love to be entertained by: action, blood, and sex. What can I say, eros and thanatos does it for me every time. Add in the beautifully detailed and researched components of the Maya and their religion and I'm freakin' jumping up and down like a kid whose made an unsanctioned raid into the cookie jar. Strong, well-balanced hero and heroine--thank god! I hate wilting wallflowers who moan and wring their hands. Tecun is so incredibly hot, and really when a Mayan god wants to claim you can you say jackpot. He can have any blood offering he wants--Mercy! And don't get me started about the tattoo--Pleaseee...pretty please.