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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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At His Throat, A Promise - Lilith Grey Alternate world where schooling and interning has been incorprated into a form of sexual servitude. Essentially, any white collar job requires apprenticeship and is entered upon at age 16 after passing qualifying intelligence tests. AT HIS THROAT addresses the gaps and shortfalls in the construct while taking us on Ellis' journey encompassing it all from destitute, to loved, abused, and almost everything in between.It is a good story. Unfortunately, the ebook I purchased had some formatting errors which were disruptive and a few proofing errors. Overall, the story was engaging enough that it was well worth the effort to ignore it. I had one main gripe with the story where I growled at the plot point; I know it was necessary to advance the story, but I disagreed with it for consistency reasons for the characters. When Willam refuses to change from sponsor to master was a big problem. William and Harte clearly loved Ellis at that point and for William to agree to find another master for him, especially with Jude, whom he felt strongly about at the onset was not really believable. All the later details never really clearly explained this decision and I was unsatisfied with it. Harte and Ellis balance each other beautifully and William approaches perfection in his mastering of the two--sure he's not perfect, but he is for them.