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Warrior's Cross - Madeleine Urban 3.5 starsI really enjoyed getting to know Julian and Cam after meeting them in Ty and Zane's book. That said the allure of the witty repartee that I adored in the Cut & Run series is absent. While some don't understand the allure of simple to someone like Julian, I have no problems comprehending his fascination with Cam's naivete. Sweetness and purity are a balm to the ennui of living for a consummate professional like Julian. Now my gripes is Cam's waffling: knowing he shouldn't expect certain things and then constantly doubting their relationship. And yes, ignorance is bliss! There is such a thing as wanting to know too much and like Pandora's box--you can't put it back. Anyway, Preston steals the show in this book and is my new hero. If he gets a book I'll read it.