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Art in Theory 1900 - 2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
Paul Wood, Charles Harrison
Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan
Gary P. Leupp
Daughter Am I
Pat Bertram
Sharon Kay Penman
Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
The Square Peg - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow Mirror, mirror on the wall...Is that who the heck I really am? When Mister Boring finds out he's not as dull as he seems, in fact he's managed to scare himself with how outside the box he is and the ensuing revelations as he explores the benefits of his father's bequest are sweet, hot and burn a bit.Not for the timid, as it explores moderate S&M and some smoking hot D/s.P.S. The epilogue is a major cocktease--I want Vin's story. NOW.