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Achilles and the Houseboy - Gillibran Brown Well this one is tough. A lot less humorous as Gilli feels sidelined with everything going of with Dick and Shane that he can't participate in. I can understand all three points of view and none of them are wrong, but they are not working well together. Shane, my way or the highwayGilli, me, me...ME!And Dick, hello gorgeousIt's really hard because this book, Shane and Gilli are really out of sync. When one is leaning in the other is pushing away and it is T-O-R-T-U-R-E to watch unfold. Dick is ancillary as he briefly appears, but for the main part you see how dysfunctional Shane and Gillibran can be. It is not fun. And while Gilli is still funny, it is heartbreaking funny. The kind where you laugh at yourself because it's all you have. Favorite quote:"I was jealous of their core emotional relationship, that's what I wanted a true share of."*A MUST READ for Gillifans, but wear your mouth guards for you'll be gritting your teeth.*