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To Scotland, with Love

To Scotland, With Love - Karen Hawkins I keep meaning to pick up a Karen Hawkins book and invariably get distracted along the way, but not this time. First, I should disclose my penchant for Scots; they are the cowboys of Regency after all. That said, the dynamics between the protagonists, Gregor and Venetia are wonderful. Though both characters are somewhat typical, they are not rendered cliche. Gregor is supercilious and well, I don't have a problem with that if one knows what they're doing. Venetia was trickier, she had qualities that I generally find somewhat annoying (think Austen's Emma), but she came across so well that I wasn't. It is a twist on a well-known plot line that is executed well so that you end the book with a smile. The star system rarely captures my feelings about a book, but this is a recommended read.