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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Out of Focus

Out Of Focus - L.A. Witt Beautiful and poignant story of polyamory.Angel and Dante are two men that have the world just where they want it. Successful, blissfully happy and enjoying life together. For years, they taken a sub and played, never letting things divide them. Then they meet a man they both want during a photo shoot.Jordan's in the middle of change when his path transects Angel and Dante. Driven by something he doesn't fully understand, but wants desperately. Unfortunately, the men are already involved--just his luck. When the opportunity to play is offered he jumps right in.Now there are the novice sub elements that necessitate discussion and basic explanations about BDSM. It isn't long-winded and rather pleasant, swift and too the point without hammering the rules in--over and over. Which if you've never read BDSM is fine, but after several becomes an albatross we all wear. Jordan drives me nuts with his interactions with Eli and the POV was sometimes difficult to distinguish as it was switched mid chapter. Overall, the emotions portrayed really made up for shortcomings, especially those between Angel and Dante. See quoted phrase below for illumination.Favorite passage:So we avoided each other all evening, hiding behind laptop screens and fending off conversation with headphones, and now, here we were. Lying in the place we’d made love hundreds of times. Not speaking, not sleeping