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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal - Harper Fox Gorgeous and lyrically written romance. The words are as much a seduction as the tale itself. This is the kind of book that leaves me yearning--wanting. The wild places, desolate and stark, call to me. I could wander Seacliff Farm and never see another human, be blessedly content. The prose allowed me to interlope, to trespass and live in that crisp and untamed space.Nichol is the dutiful second son who returns to help when tragedy strikes. He does not whinge, but steps up without thinking for a moment about his sacrifice and fulfills responsibilities. Yet, when an opportunity presents itself to lighten his burden he doesn't ignore it.Cameron is the enigma, a charmer. Good-hearted, hard-working, and the kind of person who breathes life into a room with their mere presence. For Harry and Nichol, he is the ballast in their tumultuous relationship. But a man of secrets eventually has to spill them. I'd rate the story a 4, but I so enjoy reveling in the language that I have to give the book a 5. Favorite quote:"I’d stay until the waterfall turned our flesh to mineral, and there we’d be, a sign for future lovers who found their way here…"