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Big Sky

Big Sky - Kitty Thomas How much do I dislike this book? Let me count the ways...1. The "heroine", Veronica, is so incompetent and disassociated from herself and her surroundings that she inspires nothing but contempt.2. The "hero", Luke, is equally as mental as Ronnie and disappointingly never managed to snap enough to kill her. Talk about let down.3. The 70s bodice-ripper attitude of "Please...please...no...no--orgasm". If you can't accept your own desires, you don't deserve good sex.4. The utterly misguided/moronic understanding of feminism espoused. It's not about behaving a certain way, it's about having the rights and abilities to choose what you want in a society even if that choice is to give up choice for yourself.5. The sex-- 'cause lets face it, it should be a significant factor in rating this book--was boring. Had to be the most uninteresting gangbang I've read. The non-con elements--boring. Lame D/s.6. Read the status updates because I pointed out things that I'm not going to reiterate. But I categorize this under "chronically stupid".This book actually makes me wonder if Thomas is a misogynist. I think this is the final nail in the coffin as far as reading Thomas's books go. I've read several and while the storytelling was less mindnumbingly dull in others, all of her heroines as such wastes of space that I have zero interest in reading about them.Overall, this book is a train wreck and a boring one at that. Recommended to readers who think [b:Wuthering Heights|6185|Wuthering Heights|Emily Brontë|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348940572s/6185.jpg|1565818] is a romance and think "Every Breath You Take" is a love song.Favorite quote:"Let the fucker kill her. What difference did it make at this point?" --my sentiments exactly