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The Soldier (Duke's Obsession, #2) - Grace Burrowes This is the second book by Burrowes that I've read and I really enjoy her approach. I love regency, but I admit to being a bit worn out by Ton settings and the usual rigamarole that goes with it. The Soldier and The Heir take place outside of the strictures of it. That combined with the unabashed realities of life, there are women who aren't virgins, for a variety of reasons, and do manage to get married.While I enjoyed The Soldier it wasn't as much as I did her first book. I'm not sure why, both protagonists are wonderfully done and the secondary characters are spectacular. I think in part, the waffling of the heroine is what threw me a bit. She has a decision to make in the last half of the book and she lets it hang for far too long. Warning: this story leads to an unreasonable desire to eat sticky buns.