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Chains of Ice (Chosen Ones Series #3)

Chains of Ice - Christina Dodd It has only been the last couple years that I've gotten onto the paranormal track, so this is my first non-historical Christina Dodd novel. The overall premise isn't unique, but I do like Dodd's attention to details. The segments regarding the lynx were fantastic and very engaging. The dynamics between the hero and heroine were well done. There was some speedy organizational details info dump in the last quarter of the book that I suppose it less extraneous sounding if you've read other books in the series, which I haven't. My one gripe...the too fluid resolution between the protagonists. They parted with serious differences, and time does heal, but this was too easy for them--at least in my opinion. Loved the storytelling and interplay between the major characters, and looking forward to another tale.