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Keep Me Safe (Dark Erotica)

Keep Me Safe - Skye Warren It's really more a 2.5 stars than 2. I don't have a problem with a non-con/dub-con story. In fact the questionable nature at the beginning is fine, as is the gritty and unvarnished rape scenes, but I did have problems with two things: characterization of the FBI agent and miscommunications of the protagonists. Zachary never would have passed his psych testing to be an agent. His responses in post-traumatic situations were woefully ignorant of basic psychology which he would have been trained for. While Rachael sucked at communicating, but she at least had an excuse. Finally, there was a plot device used that drove me insane, being knocked unconscious to move the story. Really...how many times can one do that in a single story--more than one too many in this instance.Overall, I was hoping for more and the staccato nature of the storytelling was distracting.