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Country Mouse

Country Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov Nice mix of sweet and cynicism from this author pairing. Great fun to see Voinov's edges softened and Lane's emotional storms calmed. I have way too much insider information to read this story objectively. Yes, traders (currency traders) are arrogant asses with no real friends who get wasted every night after a brutal day of playing with millions or billions of dollars. Ten years isn't when one can expect walk away with cash necessarily, but rather not having a heart attack or offing themselves one way or another. I laughed myself silly with Malcolm's posturing and Owen's ability to toss him on his ass. I smiled--a lot. The communications or rather miscommunications between the two were great. One may think Americans and Brits speak the same language, but they don't. This isn't a play on lame linguistic differences instead it highlights the much more real and underestimated cultural differences between Old World countries and New World ones. And the interactions? Sweet mercy.The story is rich enough that I need to do a reread to catch some of the nuances. I may readjust my rating at that time.