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Dirty Laundry (A Tucker Springs Novel)

Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan Loved this and it scared me, too. Adam is awesome and terrifying, maybe because I've known people like this. And there is nothing wrong with shoe laces needing to be inside the shoes people! I totally get the horse metaphor here--perfect.Denver is such a sweetie. Gotta love him. So caring and protective and patient and scared. I liked that he had his own issues. That Adam wasn't written as a complete basketcase and he was perfect. The story rightfully asks, "What's normal?"Louisa--the voice of reason and calm in the storm. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Louisa. Now why did it scare me? This flirts with and comes toward addressing kink and mental illness. People who really need help--NEED to GET HELP. I think the book does a fine job explaining that and Adam is always under medical supervision, but this aspect really messed with my head--Big Time.Favorite quote: "You just try and find the horrible secret about you that’s going to drive me away.”