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The Locker Room

The Locker Room - Amy Lane Who doesn't want their best friend and love of their life to be the same person?Xan and Chris, inseparable and bad things happen when two halves are split. Written like a Greek tragedy where jealous gods punish perfect love except this is a bit more optimistic, that's if you're an optimist. Lane's writing is evocative and at times I feel a bit heavy handed in the emotional manipulation--which I begin to resent. That and the recurring themes of major, unnecessary tragedy and almost unrealistically naive males urge me to deduct more stars, but I can't. The truth is Xander's story is too sharp to belittle--though the pity expressed is not what I have for him. He's awesome. Banged up, damaged, but a even better with the scars he carries. Chris, he's the perfect wingman who gets them clipped. Favorite quote:It would have been just too cruel if the most magical moment of Xander’s life had happened for the hell of it.Lane, Amy (2011-04-21). The Locker Room (Kindle Locations 416-417). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition