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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Tigers & Devils

Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy 3.5 starsSports' story with heart and ache.Simon is funny, laden with deficit relatives and skittish--in a manly way. Love his mouth. I like snark and sass and Simon is perfect. Antisocial except for when his job requires it, he's sort of given up on the dating scene. Here comes the great secondary characters and his best friends, Roger and Fran whom like all blissful couples are bent on hooking together other loose people. Harassment to stop being a loser and get out, aka we want to go out and party, get smashed, join us. Voila! Perfect opening for an uncensored Simon moment leads to...an unexpected encounter.Declan is a total dude. Football star and gentlemen whose even more skittish than Simon. They have to work through their own issues and the media, which sucks rocks. Ups and downs, a little perseverance and both having awesome friends soothes the way. Totally enjoyed it and definitely invested enough to read the sequel.