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Art in Theory 1900 - 2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
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Male Colors: The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan
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Daughter Am I
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Sharon Kay Penman
Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf

Grime and Punishment (The Brothers Grime)

The Brothers Grime: Jack - Z.A. Maxfield Entertaining, black humor read with some serious heartbreak.Jack, a forced retirement firefighter and now business owner, soldiers on with some days better than others thanks to the constant reminder of two separate events which catastrophically changed his life. Ryan is a joybringer even during dark times, and that's here and now. Absolutely adored his test: the first date playlist game. Hysterical, sneaky and actually, brilliant. I plan on using it as a litmus test in the future. I'll also go on record stating that I would love to eat out with him. Some strong secondary characters that flush it out. Skippy is hysterical and Dave is Dave. The way they interact is pure grins. All these little jibes and moments of levity are necessary because the event at the forefront of this story is difficult in its own right and devastating in the ripple effect. We often forget or fail to see the effect just being a witness has. Bad things happen, and when they happen to you, you can turn and point and say, "Hey! This is why." Or "Look!" But, a witness only has the memory and the appropriated act as their scar. They have no excuse or ragged flesh to point to. So, bearing witness is often just as difficult as being the victim.Favorite quote:I may have loved him from my heart, from deep inside my gut, but I like you better.