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One True Thing

One True Thing - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea I waffled between rating this 2 or 3 stars, 2.5 stars would be perfect.Love Los Angeles location stories between WeHo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches I was smiling--of course the drive between those two locales blows. Dusty's a great character and his friends are adorable and lovable. What didn't work for me--Ash's stupidity in dealing with his brother, Archer. Frankly, $20K is cheap to write off a relative without guilt--big savings in the long run. There were so many things Ash should have done early to handle the situation, but didn't. I don't like self-sacrificing characters that do so without a valid reason, I actually tend to loathe them. You lie down with a scorpion, don't cry to me when it stings you--I won't give a rat's behind. Second element that annoyed me with storytelling itself was the recap at the beginning of each chapter when we did POV shifts between Ash and Dusty. I don't feel like it gave me insight, but rather the author thought I was stupid or memory-deficient and couldn't recall what I'd just read. It slowed the story down.Now, the dance of emotions between Ash and Dusty was sweet and realistic. I like the rate of how the characters interactions moved, but the inherent misunderstanding trope kinda made this a difficult read for me.