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Hot Head

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede I adore stories of friendship and loyalty. Griff and Anastagio are beautiful and sweet. I smiled at the awkwardness of Griff and Anastagio's unrepentant flirtatiousness--he actually reminded me more of my Cuban friends than Italian in many of his mannerisms aside from the cooking which screamed Italian so loud I felt like I was in the kitchen. Firemen do have way more fun than cops. Even though my family comes from the blue side if I'd been male I'd have been far more attracted to the camaraderie than the bullshit and guns. Not that I feel the public deserves either half the time. In the end Griff and Anastagio's journey was a lot like life with ups and downs, but their devotion to each other was irrefutable. I was glad they both found their HEA together.