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Something in the Way He Needs (Family Series)

Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1) - Cardeno C. I liked some things and disliked others. The best part of the story was Asher learning to pay attention to what he really needs and ignore the scenery. So caught up in the game of being the Dom he failed to appreciate what it was that he really wanted and go for that instead of jumping on the same merry-go-round even though it wasn't that exciting.Then comes Daniel. Talk about the opposite of what Asher has always chased, and chase he does--running him down until he gives in. Daniel finds something he always wanted, the packaging looks good, but something is rattling around inside and could be broken.“Dating sucks. I swear, guys in their thirties and forties are like parking spots. All the good ones are taken and the only ones left are emotionally handicapped."Can Daniel get beyond the crap and bring out what he needs from Asher? Well, by the end of the story you want to believe it, but Asher still has some ways to go. I found Daniel a little far out on the edge of believability with his forgetfulness and paired with Asher's obsessiveness seemed an exercise in extremes. I can get beyond that, but I had issues with one scene in particular that just seemed so incongruent with the rest of the story--the Leather Lounge. Both characters actions were WTF?! I was rating this a solid 4 stars until that which came across as the author deciding to put in one more conflict before wrapping up the story--it seemed that pushed.