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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf

The Last Rebellion

The Last Rebellion - Lisa Henry Beautiful...in the way a rattlesnake coiled on a rock in the sun is. Dangerous, and at any moment it could go so very, very badly. This story is an amazing, mindfu@cking terror because it makes you believe by the end. Miller makes you believe. So much textbook and then he takes it off road and out of bounds. You know where it's going, Rho knows, but it just unravels and reweaves so perfectly that it is awesome in the traditional sense of terrifying. I've read a few of Henry's books and they've always circled this issue of non-con that is twisted and transformed into a true relationship. Every rational part of the mind screams NO! But, in my opinion this is the best, most successful manifestation yet attempted. Bloody brilliant. I hope this a foreshadowing of what Henry will deliver in the future because it is powerful and certainly demonstrates a paradigmatic shift in craftsmanship.