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Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2)

Out of the Dungeon (Dungeon #2) - S.M.   Johnson 2.5 starsThe sequel to "Above the Dungeon" deals more with the intrusions of regular life than play. And while I enjoy the more reality embracing point of view and not just the fantasy aspect of fetish, the choice of character POVs and changes was disturbing. There wasn't continuity, as a reader I felt off balance and abandoned at times as characters who were so important came and went. While I appreciate that this is relevant to the actual plot--life has changes and one's priorities do change dramatically, it made for more difficult reading and less willingness to invest in the characters. Second, there were a couple TSTL moments in this one. Vanessa and Roman's lack of contraceptive use was ridiculous considering his line of work. There were also some shocking character reactions and actions to the course of events. It definitely had a surreal quality to it. But, in the end all of the machinations left me with less trust for all the characters. It wasn't quite like being thrown off a cliff, but close. Roman comes out as the primary focus and his personal epiphanies are honest and interesting and why I would say if you read and enjoyed Dungeon #1, then go ahead and read this.