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The Good Boy

The Good Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock I don't know if I like the story as much as I like the emotions it elicited. There is an aching here that is so deep it hums through the book. There are no perfect characters here; they're all humanly flawed. You can dissect them; praise this and rant about that--but humans are beautiful contradictions. That is one of the fundamental aspects of this story that I enjoyed most. That and the blessed humor to diffuse the tension: Mr. Zimmerman and Brin deserve a nod. Watching Lane reminds of the fish tank I had as a child, we'd catch the fish and bring them home--occasionally a fish would jump out. You'd scoop it up in your hands and put it back in only to come back hours later and see that it did it again. I've buried a lot of fish, but it's the ones I got to before they expired--gasping for breath, twitching on the floor their wide eyes starting to dry that I almost could talk to, to feel their desperation. I tried to make them happy, but I failed.Derek doesn't fail. Lane is that fish and Derek knows just how to make him happy. It isn't anything external, but Lane's psyche that he connects with that makes everything else unimportant.In summary, if you can relate to the quote I selected then you'll feel this story.Favorite quote:“No matter what you think about what you deserve,” Derek said finally, “you are loved.”