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Brandon Mills Versus the V-card

Brandon Mills versus the V-Card - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock

Dinos RULE!


Making them fight is always way more fun than just walking them around. Sure, when adults are spying you're all like humdeedum. But as soon as the coast is clear, it's mash potato tar pits and broccoli forest ravaging. So, I approve of Brandon and Alex's adorbs bonding. Totally cute. Like fuck, let me stick my hoarded Lucky Charms' marshmallow stars all over them--sweet and delicious.

Dinosaurs fucking meant something.

Plus, Brandon's whole backstory is way too heavy to just layout and then expect it to all work out fine. The pace with the guys was totally reasonable and that pull between want and fear--perfect. There's nothing like eager virgins and the quest to lose it that has one rooting for the best possible outcome for both Alex and Brandon. Which btw, is awkwardly perfect. So, with all the seriousness underlying the story, I get that the levity provided by Mark's antics and Blake's oblivious good-heartedness is crucial, but I felt like in parts they were too strong and pushed our protagonists, our heroes into wallflowers.


Problem? Too many characters! And I hate to say since I loved all of them, but it cacophonous. Alex and Brandon's story gets pushed out of the limelight much like their shyness pushes them to the corners of rooms because the bolder and flashier friends hog it. Mark and Deacon, nice to see them again, but they run roughshod over their BFF and little brother multiple times. And Blake... he's awesome and steals the show with his earnest, uncomplicated and inspiring actions.


So, how do I rate this? No clue. I liked it. A lot. Just wish that Alex and Brandon were stronger than the secondary characters.


3.5 Stars

Favorite quote:

Sometimes he felt like he was nothing except wasted potential.