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Point of No Return - N.R. Walker

Decent beginning, marshmallow middle and better ending.

I started this book with high hopes of a M/M cop story based in LA. Yay. I got the copy and what an outstanding specimen of blue he is. Matt never wandered into the hero complex, but was pretty much a modern day paladin. He's the perfect city guardian until he finds the one thing that cracks his facade, KIra.

Kira, beautiful and strong definitely ensures the alpha meets alpha guidelines. Their interactions at the gym are steaming hot. Matt's inner characteristics emerge and the ensuing chase is very nice. Then...I swear I lost femininity points just reading how romantic, gooey and emotional these two men were. Must read with an espresso to cut through the sugary loving. They are sweet. 

I was seriously vascillating around two stars until the end where they redeemed themselves with some intensity and more balanced emotions, imo. 

Favorite quote:

"You need to let the guilt go. It not yours to own.”