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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Stolen Kisses - Suzanne Enoch I found this regency romance enchanting, endearing, and just downright enjoyable. A wonderful weekend respite. The hero, Jack Faraday, is well, I think you tell he's probably not as bad as he seems with a name like that. A rake waiting to be reformed by the love of a good woman. In this case the name choice of Lilith is humorous, after all she tossed Adam aside 'cause he was a bore. Their relationship is a delightful evolution and the hero really does get sideswiped a bit. So adorable really, especially when they're so capable and the fall is ooh so much sweeter. The mystery and intrigue that embroils our protagonists is well down and the the supporting cast is fabulous. I must say if there is one complaint it is that two characters are rather one dimensional to the point of unbelievable. But, the rest is done well enough that is a highly recommended read.