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The Lions Lady - Julie Garwood When the prologue began I was a bit leery. It is a wonderfully written scene regarding a prophecy, an infant, and the Lakota. Superbly done, but I 'm always cautious which way an author will take when approaching the topic of First Nation Peoples. Needless to say, my apprehensions were unwarranted. The rest of the novel is a Regency setting with an assortment of the expected characters. An ex-spy, an atypical heroine, a few eccentric characters and a faithful friend make for a well rounded cast. There was one aspect of the story that didn't ring true for me, but since it was referred to in flashbacks I ignored the somewhat unrealistic elements to it. The interaction between the H/h and their learning to deal with their cultural differences is sweet. Utterly enjoyable read, my first Garwood novel, but not my last.