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Champagne - Inara Lavey I really enjoyed Champagne for its idealized, yet realistic portrayal of a woman's introduction into a menage and later a polyamorous relationship. Usually, when you read an erotic romance it has all the "glitter" elements that make it sexy, but lacks the lead-in thereby making it completely unfathomable to the average person. Lavey's writing is funny; her cheeky heroine (Jeanette) makes you smile as she wanders through the French countryside with Daryl, whom is obviously going to be her ex-boyfriend after the trip. While they traverse the countryside sampling wines they have an extended stay at one winery and both Daryl and Jeanette discover a great deal more about themselves.I rated this just a 4 for purely selfish reasons--I wanted more. My only wish is that the actual budding of the polyamorous relationship between Jeanette and Amaury and Marie-Elise was explored further. I guess that would be the playground of a sequel; one I would eagerly like to read.