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Braden (Tales of the Shareem, #5) - Allyson James Love that cover!I started this series here. It's fine on it's own though clearly there are references to prior characters, plots, etc. Futuristic, sci-fi story with social inequities between the genders--girls on top. Anyway, the story itself sort of floundered a bit, stuck in a holding pattern, but I assume the previous books were chock full of goodies from the wrap up in this one. Thus the story is character driven around Elisa, a librarian and Braden, a level 3 Shareem--that's a dominating male sex toy. Very soft bdsm. Really, kinky sex with some moderate/light D/s. Downside: Sex scenes were rough/rushed in places and there was a jerky quality to the storytelling. Loved the characters, but would have enjoyed a smoother ride.