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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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The Slave Chroniques Book 12 A new Bondage Island - James Scaife If you truly love bondage, not just restraint, then this book will hit the sweet spot. There is a level of knots, suspensions, and positions that are beyond the average--way beyond. This is not sane or safe. While the activities are beyond what I'd want to experience they have a dark allure. The book has plenty of warnings--this is NOT for the faint of heart or merely curious. My main gripe is that the book is repetitive, extremely. I also find the distance created by the use of third person exclusively to make me not care what happens. Now if you're bondage slave obsessed this will probably appeal, if not, the story will come across as single theme with poor transitions in plot, low class porn. Not that that's bad, but it is a narrow audience.