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Lady of the Drake - J.V. Altharas This is one smoking hot fantasy novel. The reason I know it's fantasy, besides the dragons, this has to be the sexiest group of extraordinarily well-adjusted kinksters I've ever met/read. Talk about righteously delicious and playful--God! I'd never leave bed. Okay, lie, but good thing life spans are extended because I know work productivity would be seriously impacted. Aside from the yum-yummm...there's a great plot with a host of well-developed, admirable characters. There's conflict and intrigue and at one point I was seriously concerned that Altharas was going to go misogynist with a Pandora theme, at which point I was eying my laptop and which wall to aim for--don't worry the whole thing is backed up on a memory stick, but alas, my worries were for naught. There is a lot of story here done in the tradition of a quest format and ultimately satisfying. All this praise so why not 5 stars? Honestly, I'm probably nitpicking, but one scene though smexy good was not necessary and could have been left out or diminished as it detracted from the main story. But more importantly, though crucial to the plot there was one development that just struck me as seriously? The conflict and conclusion were so good that I was willing to let it slide, but it still niggles at the back of my mind. A new citizen in such a cloistered society, regardless of rank, would have been under more supervision if not for curiosity then to ensure their successful acclimation. And none of the others would have missed the signs--they're all to wise and competent.