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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Sanguinarian - Fyn Alexander Well this was unexpected and a bit peculiar. Imagine taking Jane Eyre and turning it into a Gilbert & Sullivan production...yeah, odd. Sans music, the analogy is the closest I can come to in explaining my reaction. Seriously, I can see the playbill with Edward Gorey illustrations and everything. Melodramatic and absurd. I found it entertaining since I had no problems allowing my brain to run loose with this drama in parallel to reading, but if your coming to this after reading the Angel and Assassin series, like I did, you might be like, WTF? The story itself becomes rather tedious due to the hot and cold nature of the heroine, and her repetitive utterings and thoughts are boring. He's nice."Your a monster."Such kindness and regard."Freak."Etcetera, etcetera...etcetera