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Wanted (Mingo McCloud, #1) - A.J. Llewellyn Woof! This is the sort of story that starts slow and finishes with a Bang!There's a lot of character introductions in this first of the series. For the most part it is smooth, there were a few places where a couple of turns of phrase had me scratching my head, but I soldiered on and it was soo worth it. Mingo, aka Michael McCloud, is lovable and clever. Near perfect since he seems to be oblivious to his sweetness, alas it means he also attracts dickheads. Fresh out of a bad relationship he's licking his wounds on the North Shore of Oahu--yeah, I feel a little bad, but not that bad. He works as a contract forensic accountant. For those who didn't grow up with one of those--someone who follows the money...really, really well. He's on a case, which is really just a vehicle to meet the chaos in his life as he cycles through his days. There are some very entertaining characters, a couple of love interests, and a bit of intrigue. Not divulging the plot, but when Mingo gets lucky--he gets very lucky! Lickey-stickey good lucky. The publisher's rating seems on the conservative side for this one so enjoy a fun tumble or two or three...you get the point. Mingo's an Energize fu@k bunny when he gets the proper charging.Needless to say. The bang at the end leaves me needing to read WANTED, Part Two of Mingo's madness. Recommended to readers that wish Hawaii Five-O pandered to their need for some hot manlove.Favorite quote: "He never gave off a gay vibe. He gave off a cannibal vibe that unfortunately kept me hard whenever I was in his presence."~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews