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Capital Loss - Taylor V. Donovan 3.5 starsEmotional read and maybe a little too close for comfort for some.Dealing with the last financial crisis in a story is tricky. There are so many victims that it touched a lot of people. It was a realistic portrayal of financial marketeers from the outrageous money to the unrelenting workload. I enjoyed Cole and Eduardo. I liked the tenuous feelings aroused from the genesis of their relationship. What I didn't like was the piss poor communication by both protagonists. They're both right in being pissed, but they should both be really pissed at themselves for being monumental failures. And the blame is equal here, I didn't enjoy the implication that Eduardo's transgressions were greater than Cole. In the end, silence is silence and the evils of insecurity and fear will fill-in for those empty voices. TALK!